• Bowie Matteson

Sandbag Training Complexes

Sandbags are a great tool to add some variety to your training routine. They offer unique loading patterns, a degree of instability and don’t have to be too heavy to offer a great loading stimulus.

To get more bang for your buck in your next workout, try adding some complexes to your sand bag work.

Here are a few exercises to try:

Forward Lunge to Chop

This is a challenging way to incorporate some rotational work into unilateral lower body training

SL RDL to Row

Light up your posterior chain and challenge your stability.

Reverse Lunge to Good Morning

Two great exercises. Why not put them together?

Side lunge to front raise

Really challenge your trunk strength here with the forward raise in an isometric lateral lunge hold.

RDL to Squat

A great way to progress to olympic lifting.

Get your hands on one of these and try them out!

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