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Gentiana lutea

Gentiana lutea - Hawaii Pharm 2mg Liquid Extract

Gentiana lutea

Gentiana scabra and Gentiana lutea, also known as bitter root or yellow gentian, are a type of plant that is native to Asia and Europe. It has been used in traditional medicine for centuries to treat a range of health conditions, including diabetes. Recent studies have shown that Gentiana lutea can have a positive impact on glucose metabolism and insulin sensitivity.

The main benefit of the Gentiana roots and flowers are seen in their ability to fight inflammation and prevent obesity. Gentiana falls into the “bitter” category in medicinal compounds that help so many diabetics (think bitter melon, Andropraphis). It is commonly used in traditional medicine as a digestive aid meant to increase stomach acid and bile storage. Additionally, it shows antioxidant properties and the ability to clear free radicals.

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