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Anti-Parasitics As Potential Treatment in Diabetics

In this 1984 study published in Diabetologia, Caprio et al. investigated the effects of mebendazole administration on metabolic control in diabetic patients.

The researchers conducted preliminary studies in diabetic patients and evaluated the impact of mebendazole, an anthelmintic drug used to treat parasitic infections, on metabolic parameters.

The findings indicated that mebendazole administration led to an improvement in metabolic control in diabetic patients. The drug appeared to have positive effects on glucose regulation and other metabolic factors, contributing to better management of diabetes.

While the study provides promising initial results, it serves as a preliminary investigation into the potential benefits of mebendazole in diabetes treatment. 5 of the 6 Type 1 diabetics involved in the study had a relapse of their prior health status before the mebendazole administration. 1 patient, however, remained off of exogenous insulin for 5 months after the end of the study. Further research and larger clinical trials are necessary to confirm these findings and establish mebendazole's role as a therapeutic agent for diabetes management.

Overall, the study contributes to the understanding of potential novel approaches in diabetes treatment and highlights mebendazole as a candidate for further investigation as a supplementary therapy for improving metabolic control in diabetic patients.

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