• Bowie Matteson

Diabetics for Diabetics

This page is now dedicated to frontline research and development of novel treatments for type I diabetes by type I diabetics.

The premise is to elevate the collective consciousness of type I and type II diabetics in regards to their condition and their power over it.

As a 20+ year Type I diabetic, I'm using personal experience, trial and error and what research I have available to me to piece together pathologies and treatments. What the diabetic community is missing is a cohesive pool of resources created by us to better help and understand what each of is going through.

At the end of this is a cure. I can't explain why, but I'm confident of that. I'm not sure what it looks like but I know no one is more qualified to find it than us.

What do you want to know? What's something you can share that would help a younger, diabetic you?

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