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Weekly Update, March 4th-10th

Here's what I'm up to this week:

1. Diabetics for Diabetics Radio Episode #36 - Harmine and Beta Cell Regeneration

Have you heard about the new (within the last 3-4 years) research on the plant compound harmine? It's been isolated as a promising candidate for boosting beta cell regeneration. I've been putting together a podcast episode looking at where harmine is sourced, how it's being used in the research and what it means for those with diabetes. That episode will be finished this week. If you're not already subscribed on YouTube you can do that here.

2. My New Rife Machine

2 weeks ago I took a roadtrip into the coal country of Western Virginia to meet up with Matt Rife of Real Rife Technology. I wanted to meet him and get to know more about his products and experiences using frequency as a healing tool.

I had an absolute blast and learned a lot about how specific frequencies correlate with different health outcomes. Matt is a descendant of the original Royal Rife who is credited with the invention of the Rife machine (as well as the electron microscope) and was a contemporary of Nikola Tesla.

For those unfamiliar with Real Rife Technologies, I encourage you to check out their website to learn more. Buying through this link gets you a discount on a Rife machine.

Or how about a QR Code?

3. Heading to Atlanta for The Wellness Revolution Health & Freedom Summit

I'll be attending the Wellness Revolution Summit to hear from speakers active in teh alternative health realm. People like Dr. Brian Ardis, Dr. Judy Mikovits and Dr. Peter McCullough will be presenting on a range of topics focused on uncensored science and health protocols in an effort to safeguard against any BigPharma corporate agendas.

I'm excited to hear what medical professionals who have taken the leap of faith out of Big Medicine are up to.

I'll be taking notes and sifting everything through the lens of diabetes. All my thoughts and findings will be shared here, as well as on the podcast.

4. Thymus Gland Research

I'm still in a bit of a tizzy over just having learned about the influence of the thymus gland on autoimmunity. You can read my quick synopsis on what I found here. There are few supplements and treatments that have been shown to influence thymic output. I have ordered them and await their arrival. I'm eager to see how targeting the thymus can influence autoimmunity.

I'll update my findings as they come up. I'm excited because this feels like a perfect fit for something people with T1D have never known how to address. Hell, I was ready to throw the idea of autoimmunity out the window altogether. Learning about the thymus grounded me by offering the idea that there may not be something wrong, per se, with our immune system. It's simply a matter of re-educating, or desensitizing, or recalibrating it.


And that's all. It's beginning to look like spring here in the Northeast US which makes my heart sing. I love the budding season and how full of life it is. Lots of good energy in the air.

Enjoy your week!


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